Since 2002 we have been Innovating, testing & providing solutions to help our clients be more efficient and save costs


We provide stock management solutions and provide physical stock counts regularly to ensure there is no risk of ever running out of packaging. We run our clients stock down to zero at financial year end and restock them the following day to reduce their working capital. 


  • We offer advice on pallet configurations to maximise load capacities for truck & container deliveries

  • Analysis of your current packaging 

  • Audit and solution forecasts

  • Weekly and monthly on-site visits to ascertain inventory

  • Innovative packaging development and printing solutions

  • Cost saving solutions for your packaging allocations

  • Packaging supplies and equipment


We offer a 7 working day lead time but can manufacture and deliver within 2 to 3 working days if necessary ( Boxes )


We offer a 10 working day lead time for plain bags and 3 weeks for printed bags or material, however we can make product within 2 to 3 days if necessary.

It is important to note our minimum order quantity for shrink and FFS is 250Kg as there are not many suppliers that offer this.


We can deliver on Saturdays if required.

Some of the Industries we service

Food, Beverage, Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Construction and more